Looking for a way to reduce medication safely?

Looking for a way to reduce medication safely?

fd_box2The Road Back has successfully helped over 40,000 people to reduce their medication safely. The programme provides specific natural supplements that aid reduction of side effects commonly experienced by people as they reduce their medication.

Without these supplements people often suffer from such adverse reactions that they may be prescribed another medication or they get so desperate that they stop suddenly. This makes the situation even more unbearable and they may conclude that they can never get off the medication.

The Road Back Programme provides a method to reduce your medication at a slow gradual pace with minimal side effects. The book explains the programme step by step. With separate chapters for each major group of medication. It is important to read it thoroughly and understand how it works before you take any action.


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“How to get off psychoactive drugs safely” by James Harper ©
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Here is an excerpt from the book:

"The program is set-up so that you usually only start reducing the drug after you feel a major positive change and all or nearly all-existing side effects from the drug are eliminated. Thus, you know from the very beginning, change is possible; that this time there is a chance for you, and that you can do this and feel well once again.

The program is simple, effective, and extremely powerful: when applied correctly. You too can have resounding success in getting off the medication and getting your life back.

Based on extensive research, specific “nutrients” have been formulated for this program. Their use, in conjunction with the full and complete program, have resulted in a high success rate of people getting off psychoactive medication, while also enormously reducing the potential and feared side effects from withdrawal.

What unwanted feelings come from you and what feelings does the medication generate? The program separates these confusing symptoms, and once this separation occurs, the real you will emerge.

One major change most people experience during the program; their reach for life returns or truly begins for the first time.

Reach is defined as: to extend out; to touch or to seize; to communicate with.
Life is defined as: the quality that distinguishes a vital and functional being from a dead body or inanimate matter (Webster’s Dictionary).

Per the definition of life, you are vital. We need you and humankind needs you. The positive changes you can bring to others are beyond imagining. Life can be grand, life can be fulfilling; you, changing your life and having “reach” return will absolutely affect others in your environment.
Reach can return with your children, spouse, work or activities you have been putting off for years that you have always wanted to do, or to do once again.

Remember and hold the following close to your heart as you travel this journey:

You Can Change.
• You Can Change How You Feel.
• You Can Be a Positive Influence for Others.
• You Can Make It.

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There is hope................there is a solution................................

Disclaimer: We do not diagnose or treat illness. Always consult your doctor ot therapist.